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14 year old boy presets with chest pain, his ECG and blood enzymes are normal, the most likely diagnosed is

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Annaliese created a question: A 14 year old female presents to the ER with sudden paralysis, tingling in the lower extremities,...
Caveman commented on the question A patient with a right sided fourth nerve palsy would tilt their head::
Patients often adopt a characteristic head tilt, away from affected side to reduce their diplopia.
DPurdy commented on the question M. Simpson, a 30 year old female, is coming in today with a chief complaint of joint pain. Her h...:
Jeremy Adamowicz commented on the question Which of the following is not a cause of anisocoria - a unilateral dilated pupil:
Miosis is a/s c Horner's I believe
Jeremy Adamowicz commented on the question Following are features of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm, EXCEPT::
I understand that concept behind anuria, but are they really going to have time to notice that b/f exsanguination?
Jeremy Adamowicz commented on the question The best management for a 2 year old child with sudden onset of severe abdominal pain/bleeding fr...:
I don't see how this would cause bleeding, wouldn't you want to rule out an anal fissure first.. I would think imaging would be next to make sure ...
abdimajiid commented on the question Which of the following are associated with a tension pneumothorax?:
Piti Niyomsirivanich commented on the question A 60 year old man with long-standing mitral stenosis goes for a routine PA and lateral chest x-ra...:
RVH can be seen in patients with Mitral valve stenosis who has pulmonary hypertension.
Roger Dehn commented on the question You've scrubbed in for an appendectomy. The surgeon hands you the knife for the first time (!) an...:
which of the following is the correct order you mean
Roger Dehn commented on the question Which type of shock is associated with an increased cardiac output and warm extremities?:
In the peripheral circulation, a reduction in total peripheral vascular resistance (the ‘systemic vascular resistance’ or SVR) is the norm in sepsi...

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