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To optimize a patient with reactive airway disease (e.g. asthma) pre-operatively, all of the following may be done EXCEPT:

Contributor: Danyela Lee
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king commented on the question A patient comes to your clinic for cystometry to investigate her urinary incontinence. At what am...:
this question completely contradicts the response to a previous question in this section... please provide a source.
king commented on the question The appendix epididymis is a remnant of what structure?:
The answer here is incorrect. The answer should be the mullerian duct which is the paramesonephric duct.
king commented on the question In granuloma inguinale::
king commented on the question A 52 year old patient presented with dysuria and increased urinary frequency. An Ultrasound is or...:
I think this would be a ureteral calculus
Muriuki D.M commented on the question The best management for a 2 year old child with sudden onset of severe abdominal pain/bleeding fr...:
Could you please explain why?
Muriuki D.M commented on the question Identify the endocrine tumor of the pancreas that can result in formation of gallstones and bilia...:
So, is a somastostatinoma an endocrine tumor of the pancreas?
Muriuki D.M commented on the question What hip disorder is most likely to occur and cause pain following a long history of steroid ther...:
Hip pain is typically the first symptom of osteonecrosis Ref:
Kyle Sue created a question: A 36-year-old woman complains of depression. She reports a decrease in sleep, weight, and libido....
Pat G created a question: What is the mechanism of action of Varenicline (Champix)?
canadianhockey91 commented on the question A patient has the following arterial blood gas values: pH 7.36, PaCO2 31, PaO2 45, SaO2 76%, HCO...:
1.5*HCO3+8 = 35 +/- 2 so it's not fully? but yes very close

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