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Which of the following is not associated with the nucleus tracts solitarius?

Contributor: Abraham J. Nunes
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Patt created a question: Which of the following may NOT help to prevent the progression of osteoporosis?
Omar Anjum commented on the question Restrictive pulmonary disease (e.g. sarcoidosis) is associated with increased::
Restrictive disease is not necessarily associated with increased FEV1/FVC. You can often have a normal ratio where both FEV1 and FVC are decreased ...
Anette commented on the question A pancoast tumor causing Horner syndrome is a: :
I think this is incorrect. I think the wording ought to be "Horner syndrome caused by a Pancoast tumor is a:" - because the Pancoast tumo...
Anette commented on the question Among these common beliefs concerning eye care, which of the following is true?:
In "Case Files - Emergency Medicine", thereĀ“s a case of an elderly woman who presents with closed angle glaucoma after a prolonged period...
Anette commented on the question Latent nystagmus can be brought out with the cover test. The nystagmus will jerk towards the ____...:
Our lecturer did not mention nystagmus whilst describing cover test. The way she explained it, the cover and uncover tests are used to diagnose lat...
Anette commented on the question Phototherapeutic Keratectomy is a useful treatment for::
Anterior cornal pathology includes scarring, opacities, dystrophies and bullous keratopathy (when the lens swells due to loss of pumping activity i...
Deep Ganguly created a question: Which variety of viral hepatitis is the most dangerous in pregnant women?
Deep Ganguly created a question: 'A night with Venus, a lifetime with Mercury'---what is the causative organism of the disease ref...
Kyle Sue created a question: A 26-year-old woman who recently gave birth to twins presents complaining of falling asleep witho...
Abba Tijjani commented on the question In hemodynamically unstable patients with blunt abdominal trauma, the diagnosis of intra abdomina...:
Unstable patient

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