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michael kioko commented on the question Petechiae and sublingual splinter hemorrhages are characteristics of::
Sub Lingual or SubUngal?
Brian Collins commented on the question Which of the following factors does NOT contribute to the development of otitis externa?:
Warmth itself is not in itself a contributing factor to developing OE. Warmth+moisture, yes. Maybe use cerumen accumulation or foreign body instead?
Brian Collins commented on the question A patient complains of difficulty hearing. In the clinic, you perform the Rinne and Weber tests ...:
Technically, yes, Weber requires a 256Hz tuning fork - but in practice (especially in primary or non-specialty care) a 512 can be sensitive enough ...
Brian Collins commented on the question A 5 year old girl presents to the ER with complaints of a sore throat and fever, with symptoms wo...:
Even an attempted visualization of the posterior oropharynx using a tongue blade can instigate obstruction in these patients. Along with typical hi...
Muna Ahmed commented on the question Which of the following is a common complication (10-15% of patients) of VZV (shingles)? :
the "post-herpetic" kind of gave it away
Muriuki D.M commented on the question A diabetic patient presents to the emergency room with a chronic foot ulcer around which a new ar...:
Criteria inadequate to fit definition of sepsis
Muriuki D.M commented on the question Which of the following is least likely, if possible at all, to be a complication of Crohn's colitis?:
So, isn't the answer gall stones?
Kyle Sue created a question: An anxious 23-year-old Asian male university student presents to Student Health Services claiming...
Louie commented on the question Which of the following is NOT a cause of localized, scaring alopecia? :
Louie commented on the question What is the median number of years for one to develop AIDS post-HIV infection?:
Depends where in the world you are, I suppose. TB/HIV concurrence has surely shifted the curve?

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