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Acute renal failure in patients with tumor lysis syndrome is most directly caused by _________. Reversal of this abnormality is an important component of treatment.

Contributor: Brian Csupak
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Sarmad Raza created a question: A 50 years old farmer who is a chronic ex-smoker presented to emergency department with shortness...
Nick Mitrou commented on the question Anesthetic death in obstetrics is usually due to::
Is this death of the mother or the fetus?
Nick Mitrou commented on the question What is the best diagnostic test for a person that presents with a solitary thyroid nodule?:
Using the word "best" always makes questions a little tricky. It is not easy to figure out if the author means the best test in terms of ...
Nick Mitrou commented on the question The commonest endocrine diseases are those involving the::
If pancreas isn't an option I guess?
Raynian commented on the question A "Hangman's fracture" of both pedicles of axis vertebra C2 could result from which of the follo...:
In countries with capital punishment via hanging, it is actually quite common for them to have hangman fracture post-mortem
Raynian commented on the question Which child presenting with a first episode of febrile seizure has the best long term prognosis?:
Partial seizure is never good right?
Othman commented on the question The most common brain tumor in children is::
Medulloblastoma is the most common malignant brain tumor in children. Astrocytomans are the most common brain tumors in children including the beni...
Nick Mitrou commented on the question A 65 year old otherwise healthy man presents to the doctor with progressive difficulty swallowing...:
Liquids first suggests a motility problem not mechanical/obstruction. It should probably have started with trouble with solids then trouble with li...
Nick Mitrou commented on the question Symmetrical shell-like esophageal irregularity on barium swallow is most suggestive of::
Shell-like makes no sense
Nick Mitrou commented on the question When a patient has a high clinical suspicion of pancreatic ductal injury post trauma and CT findi...:
Hard to believe MRCP is more readily available than ERCP

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