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A 50 year old male had a recent chest x-ray for suspected pneumonia. The x-ray was normal with the exception of a small, rounded opacity. His symptoms resolved spontaneously. He subsequently underwent CT scanning, which showed a 3cm lesion in his left upper lobe. It remained unchanged on repeat imaging. Biopsy contained benign respiratory epithelium and fibrous tissue and repeat biopsy was not successful. After several years of serial imaging, there was a slight increase in lesion size and the patient opted for removal of the lesion. The pathology report showed a lesion measuring 4cm the contained respiratory, fibrous and fatty tissue, as well as mature hyaline cartilage. What is it?

Contributor: Trisha Maloney
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Kyle Sue commented on the question During a medical school interview, an applicant is asked, “Why did you go to medical school?” Mat...:
Thought process disorders can be identified by the nature of the response. A circumstantial thought finally reaches a point but after much unnecess...
Kyle Sue created a question: During a medical school interview, an applicant is asked, “Why did you go to medical school?” Mat...
Brittney commented on the question A G1P0 street woman, Miss Shanks, vaginally delivers a 39 week baby in the Obstetrics department ...:
I mean no disrespect, but I think this question is worded very inappropriately. If by "street woman" you mean sex worker, you should say ...
awad jobran commented on the question ECG in patients with cardiac contusion most commonly shows::
because anatomic position of atria in front of
Guillaume commented on the question The most frequent cardiac chamber injury by an anterior-posterior penetrating wound is::
The LV is actually the largest of the 4 chambers... But the RV is the most anterior structure.
Othman created a question: A mother brought her 1st baby boy and the age of 4 weeks with a complaint of non-bloody non-bilio...
Othman commented on the question The appendix epididymis is a remnant of what structure?:
The appendix of the epididymis (or pedunculated hydatid) is a small stalked appendage (sometimes duplicated) on the head of the epididymis. It is u...
Sarmad Raza created a question: A 50 years old farmer who is a chronic ex-smoker presented to emergency department with shortness...
Nick Mitrou commented on the question Anesthetic death in obstetrics is usually due to::
Is this death of the mother or the fetus?
Nick Mitrou commented on the question What is the best diagnostic test for a person that presents with a solitary thyroid nodule?:
Using the word "best" always makes questions a little tricky. It is not easy to figure out if the author means the best test in terms of ...

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