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Which of the following is caused by human parvovirus B19?

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PatrickG commented on the question Catalepsy is associated with::
associations cataplexy = narcolepsy catalepsy = catatonia
Kyle Sue created a question: You are seeing a 28-year-old unemployed man with a history of auditory hallucinations and recurre...
Abba Tijjani commented on the question After taking a thorough history, what is the first thing you should do when you are called to see...:
Nice one
Saleh1 commented on the question A patient talks fast omitting sounds or entire words, this is called::
Cluttering (also called tachyphemia or tachyphrasia) is a speech and communication disorder characterized by a rapid rate making speech difficult t...
Kyle Sue created a question: A 23-year-old single White man is seen in the psychiatric emergency room after he was found runni...
Patt created a question: Which of the following has NOT demonstrated a survival benefit following an ACS?
Kyle Sue created a question: A 21-year-old man was arrested after being found outside of a window masturbating. He admitted to...
Linden KH commented on the question Ethyline glycol (used in antifreeze for cars)' poisoning is treated with::
*ethylene glycol
Pupsiedoodle commented on the question Epidural analgesia/anesthesia differs from spinal analgesia/anesthesia in that epidural analgesia...:
I don't think it's quite accurate to say there is "no chance", because headache secondary to accidental dural puncture with the epidural ...
D Z created a question: A 16 year old boy returns to the ED one day after receiving a cast for a simple distal radius and...

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